YouTube HTML5 Videos Allows Speedup and Slow Motion Playback

March 14, 2010 | Filed under Video


YouTube is the grand daddy of all video sites and videos are great for tutorial but there are times when a demo is being performed too fast and it is hard to actually see how to do it. Thanks to YouTube in the upcoming support for HTML5, Adobe Flash player is no longer needed. All you need is a browser that supports both the video tag in HTML5 and the h.264 video codec, and the video is able to play on the browser.

The best part of HTML5 in YouTube is the ability to speed up videos when you are trying to fast forward to a part that you want to see, or you can play it in slow motion so that you can really learn from the video. During our testing, we discovered that the HTML5 videos can only slow down or speed up by two levels and nothing more than that. Other than that, HTML5 gives you smoother video playback if compared to Flash.

YouTube HTML5 slow motion speedup video

The HTML5 support on YouTube is still in experimental and if you are using a browser such as Google Chrome or Apple Safari, you can opt in by going to this URL and click the link that says “Join the HTML5 Beta” at the bottom. Most videos will now be played in HTML5 instead of using flash but not all of them.

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