Windows Run Command With Suggestion

March 12, 2010 | Filed under Software, Windows


Windows has a very useful Run command which can be normally found in Windows XP. But starting from Vista and Windows 7, the Run command is no longer included in the Start Menu by default and it is more or less being replaced with the new “Search programs and files”. Fortunately the Run command can still be enabled by right clicking on the Taskbar, select Properties. Go to Start Menu tab and click the Customize button. Look for Run command and enable the checkbox. Alternatively for computer users that have used Windows long enough, they would have known the shortcut key WIN+R to open the Run window.

As useful as it is, for many years Windows has failed to include suggestions in the Run command but it has been implemented in the new Search programs and files. If you prefer to use the Run command and the suggestions would be a great addition to help you work faster and better on the computer, then you should try SuggestRun.

SuggestRun is program like Windows Start > Run menu with suggestions functionality. It doesn’t require any installation and after launching, it stays in system tray. The hotkey to open the bar for you to type is CTRL+WIN. Simply type in any word and SuggestRun will search for any words that are similar to your keyword.

Run Command with Suggestion

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