Windows 7 Activation Technologies KB971033 Update Kills Cracks, Loaders and Hacks

March 1, 2010 | Filed under Windows 7


In every version of Windows there is bound to have cracks that hackers are able to figure how to beat the activation technology. This is only a cat and mouse game because it’s never ending. When hackers beat Microsoft’s activation system, Microsoft will come out with an update that destroys all those cracks and make them unusable. Hacker gets back to work again and tries to beat the new and update WAT update and the whole process goes on and on with a never ending story. The current most popular crack for Windows 7 are RemoveWAT and Chew-WGA.

Recently Microsoft has pushed an update KB971033 in Windows Update which is able to detect more than 70 activation exploits. When you install the KB971033 update, it will verify if any tampering attempts has been made to important Windows 7 system files. If found none, the process will exit silently as if nothing has ever happened.

Weirdly this update is not a “must-install” update as a user is able to uncheck it from Windows Update and choose not to install it so he/she can continue pirate Windows 7. It is however marked as important update where “some” newbies that is unfamiliar with Windows 7 cracks will accidentally and caused their Windows 7 to become non genuine.

Other than that, this update is also useful to detect if the Windows 7 that is installed on your computer is actually cracked or genuine. You can download the KB971033 updates manually from the links below and install it.

Download KB971033 Windows6.1-KB971033-x86.msu (32 bit)
Download KB971033 Windows6.1-KB971033-x64.msu (64-bit)

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