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Privacy and security are two sweet words, especially for those who want it in their lives. Since the Internet came along, you need to become aware of a whole lot of things you’d once have thought useless. If you’re someone who owns multiple computers on which people come to surf the web, do research and stuff, you really could do with some monitoring software so you can keep the entire network, and the computers they connect, safe from viruses and wrongful copying of files that don’t belong to certain people. What you’re going to read about here is a software called WhoIsConnected, and it doesn’t get simpler than that. It helps you keep track of a network and all the users who are on it at any given time. You’ll read something about the benefits and all that you receive in terms of personal power over a situation. No longer can you be ignorant of a viral attack on your network or worry about people doing illegal stuff on it. Everything is noticed, giving you time to act. Besides, the fun part shouldn’t be forgotten. Imagine what you can do with this software to connect gamers and see what each one is up to as well. The possibilities with this simple online tool are huge. And it’s free too!

WhoIsConnected functions on these operating systems: Mac and Windows 2000/NT/XP. Apart from keeping you posted on, well, who is connected, this software also brings up open resources on the network, so you can see what’s going on too. The power is yours to connect or close any connection or open resource at your leisure, sans the need to get the permission of the users you shortlist to be shown the exit. From where you sit, you can gain control of processes and turn them around as you feel necessary for protection and other reasons. If you’re on Windows XP or 2003, you can get to see open IP (Internet Protocol) ports too.

Now, let’s take an in-depth look at this other feature of WhoIsConnected, namely the ‘Disable Login’ feature. This one can only be used on a Mac OS (Operating System), so be sure of that before proceeding to check it out. The usefulness of this command is amazing. Now, most of us know pretty well that human nature isn’t all that honorable in certain people and they take advantage of a ripe situation which more often than not involves the unfortunate party being distracted with serious or crucial work.

What ‘Disable Login’ does is it allows you the ability to thwart users from logging in when you are busy catering to network health with work like repairing certain features and programming, uploading software and/or backing up files for safekeeping. These responsibilities as the network owner can’t be avoided and now you get to do it securely. Besides, added danger comes in the form of users’ ignorance of what you may be busy doing and so they come online and perform certain actions that delay or sidetrack you or even cause a troubleshooting issue or two to arise in the network. And all this by a user’s ignorance, which they can’t be blamed for!

Okay, you may ask: what of the fellers who’re already logged in? Well, they remain unaffected at this time, so no worries there. If one of them decides to log out, then they’ve to wait until you’ve enabled login for them to get back in again. Before such software came to town, network owners needed to shut down the server or disable the network connection to prevent people from connecting to shared folders. With WhoIsConnected you can act upon user-actions without any of the above hassles.

By merely clicking on the small computer icon on the program, you initiate the ‘Disable Login’ command, and anyone who tries accessing afterward gets the error message: The remote server has been paused or is in the process of being started. How polite! WhoIsConnected may have a similarity in function to NetShareMonitor, but the former gives you power to keep shared folders from being accessed, while the latter only notifies you when it happens. You do the math. Soon you’ll agree that WhoIsConnected is quite the useful tool, one that does indeed pack a punch and gives you security features to be envied. Don’t forget, it’s free!


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  1. ajax says:

    mama eh ya, bamboleo! good one on whoisconnected check!

  2. Brian says:

    First of all welcome home,you have been mist.I would have liked to
    have used this software, cannot Im running windows7. This is by
    far the bet website.

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