What Font and Size Being Used on a Website

March 11, 2010 | Filed under Firefox


There are many fonts available to use and every web designer has their favorite font and size to use which suit their taste. For you are not a web designer, you should probably just follow other popular websites on what font and size to use but the problem is it is not that easy to find out what fonts and size are being used on their content. If the website is using traditional pure HTML codings, then you could find the font being used and also the size of the text in the HTML source code.

However modern websites that are using WordPress and other blog publishing application, everything is defined in the CSS file which is more complicated that the traditional HTML codings. Here is a useful firefox add-on called Context Font which is able to instantly tell you what font is being used on the word that you highlight with your mouse.

find font and size of website

This add-on is very new and it is the first release, so there are times when you noticed that it won’t work and kept on showing you the same font. For example, Google Adsense fonts and size doesn’t display correctly most probably because it is loaded in Javascript.

Download Context Font

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