Web-Based Email (Hotmail) VS Desktop Email (Outlook)

March 8, 2010 | Filed under Email


There are two methods to check and send your email which is either through web based email or desktop email. If you don’t know the difference, a web based email is something like what you normally do what you log in to hotmail.com and does all your emailing stuff from there. As for desktop email, you only require a software such as Microsoft Outlook and all your emailing is done from there. Is there any different? Yes, and which method to use very much depends on the user itself.

Pros of Web Based Email
* Nothing to install. Every computer comes with Internet Explorer and you can use that to check your web based email.
* Can access your emails anywhere
* Your email interface looks the same even if you’re on a different computer

Cons of Web Based Email
* Requires active internet connection to access your emails
* The webmail interface can be slow if the internet connection is slow
* Stuck with the interface if the email provider decides to change it
* Emails are stored in one location and if no proper steps are done to backup your emails, accidental deletion can never get your mails back.
* Quota on how many emails to keep depending on the webspace given by the email provider

Now lets take a look at the pros and cons of using a desktop email.

Pros of Desktop Email
* Do not need an internet connection to read the emails that you’ve already downloaded
* A lot of email programs to choose from such as Outlook, Eudora, Thunderbird to suit your needs
* The amount of emails that you can save depends on your hard drive
* Email program interface is fast and does everything as fast as your computer
* Able to backup emails to a single database file and save it elsewhere.

Cons of Desktop Email
* Emails that are downloaded to desktop email are normally deleted off the web by default. You will need to configure it so that it leaves a copy on the server.

There you have it. It is obvious that the desktop email is more powerful and flexible allowing you to do much more than a web-based email. Most of the famous free email providers such as Hotmail, Yahoo and Gmail already provides free POP3 access for you to download your emails to email clients. Again I would like to stress the importance of backing up your email and also configuring your email clients to leave a copy on the server so you can have access to your emails.

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