Watch Thousands of Live TV Channels in Google Chrome for FREE

March 20, 2010 | Filed under Browser, Google, Video


Most TV channels around the world offers live streaming through the Internet and there is no individual that knows all of the URL to the online streaming TV. However two websites Online TV Toolbar and Live TV Toolbar, both consolidated live TV channels all around the world and you can easily watch them directly from your Google Chrome web browser.

Both offers very similar service but the way it is categorized and probably the TV station list are slightly different. TV Chrome claims to have 2780 live TV channels while Chrome TV has over 3000. You can of course install both of the Chrome extensions and have more channels and also serve as a backup in case one of the website service is unavailable.

Watch Online TV Channel in Chrome for FREE

Chrome TV’s categorization is smaller and makes the list very long but the Chome TV categorization is better because it has two column. After installing the extensions, you can start searching for online TV that you want to watch by clicking on the TV icons next to the address bar. Both extension is free, no registration required and you don’t need to install any third party software. Just a Chrome browser, Windows Media Player plugin and you are good to go.

Download Chrome TV and TV Chrome

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