Vista and Windows 7 Open Command Window Here Feature in XP

March 5, 2010 | Filed under Windows, Windows 7


In Windows Vista and Windows 7, we have a convenient feature where we can open a command prompt window at a folder by pressing and holding the Shift key while right clicking on that folder. This is convenient because if you open a command prompt, the default location will always be in your user’s folder. If you want to navigate to other folder at some really deep location, you have to either type a really long CD command or a step by step CD until you reach that folder.

Open command window here

However this only works in Vista and Windows 7. If you want to use it on older Windows operating system such as Windows XP, it is possible by using Microsoft PowerToys for Windows XP. PowerToys add fun and functionality to the Windows experience. PowerToys are additional programs that developers work on after a product has been released. It has a lot of nice small little tools including the “Open Command Window Here“. This PowerToy adds an “Open Command Window Here” context menu option on file system folders, giving you a quick way to open a command window (cmd.exe) pointing at the selected folder.

Download Open Command Window Here PowerToy

Alternatively, here is another method on how to add an open a command prompt from any folder by using right click. Open notepad, paste the contents below and save it as cmd.reg.

@=”Open Command Window Here”
@=”cmd /k \”cd %L\””

Double click on cmd.reg that you’ve just created to add it to the registry. You will be prompted if you are sure that you want to add the information to registry. Click Yes and you’re done. Shift key is not needed for this method.

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