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Normally ISP blocks a website because the government asks them. It could be the website contains sensitive political, racial or religious information that can give a bad name to a country. Asian countries such as China are well known to have block a lot of websites by default. There are many ways to bypass that limitation by using VPN, TOR or open public proxy. These services makes your ISP thinks that you are only communicating with the proxy but doesn’t know what are you pulling off from there because it’s encrypted.

Another way to hide your IP address and surf anonymously is by using HTTP Tunnel Genuis. HTTP Tunneling is a technique by which communications performed using various network protocols are encapsulated using the HTTP protocol, the network protocols in question usually belonging to the TCP/IP family of protocols. The HTTP protocol therefore acts as a wrapper for a covert channel that the network protocol being tunneled uses to communicate. The HTTP stream with its covert channel is termed a HTTP Tunnel. HTTP Tunnel software consists of client-server HTTP Tunneling applications that integrate with existing application software, permitting them to be used in conditions of restricted network connectivity including firewalled networks, networks behind proxy servers, and NATs.

There are pros and cons on HTTP tunneling. You are able to access blocked websites and also blocked applications such as Windows Live Messenger but you never know if the other site of the proxy is actually sniffing your data. There is always a risk when you enter your login name and password and the other party captures the information. Other than that, if you are connected to a slow proxy tunnel, then your browsing speed also slows down. Bottom line is, use it for visiting public websites and not for banking or any sites that requires privacy.

Here are the steps to use HTTP Tunnel Genuis:

1. Download HTTP Tunnel Genuis and install
2. Configure your web application such as Firefox to use the proxy address
3. Surf as normal

Visit Official HTTP TUNNEL GENUIS Website


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  1. This program is not necessary in trying to tunnel via HTTP, the anonymous network TOR provides this functionality, the only thing to do is get your tor client running and configure your proxy settings as this “localhost” for the server and the listening port is 8118 thats all they’re is to it

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