Virtual Volumes View Catalogs CD and DVD Contents for Offline Searching

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CD and DVD are considerably very cheap nowadays and it is the best media to be used for backing up important files permanently. We mentioned permanently because if we burn it to CDR or DVDR, it cannot be erased or edited unlike if we store it on a portable hard drive which can be attacked by virus corrupting everything that is in the drive. The only problem after putting all your backup files to CD or DVD disc is you can’t search for those files. To search for them, you have to insert the disc and search for it one at a time. Imagine if you have 50 disc and searching for one single file will make you go crazy.

This is when disc catalog software comes into play. Virtual Volumes View is an application that catalogs the content of removable volumes like CD and DVD disks for off-line searching. Folders and files can also be arranged in a single, virtual file system. Each folder of this virtual file system can contain files from many disks so you can arrange your data in a simple and logical way. VVV also stores metadata information from MP3 files: author, title, album and so on.

Make Catalog for CD and DVD contents

It is possible to share the same catalog, stored in a network server, among Windows, Linux and OSX computers. The network server is simply a computer running a database server program. VVV is very fast, even with very large catalogs. Data are stored in a relational database, designed to handle millions of rows, so retrieving your information will always be a quick task.

To create catalog of your disk, click New to create a database file. Then click on the Catalog button to select which drive that you want to catalog. Set a name for the volume and click the Catalog button to start cataloging. Your database file .vvv is the file that contains the content of your disk which you’ve just catalog.

Download Virtual Volumes View

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