Vimperator Helps Browsing the Web with Firefox Using Only Keyboard

May 19, 2010 | Filed under Firefox


It is nearly impossible to browse the web without using the mouse because a website has so many elements from images to links. To jump from one element to another you will have to press the TAB key and if you are at the top of the page and wants to click on the link that is at the bottom of the page, you probably need to press the TAB button many times. One way to browse the web using Firefox without a mouse is by installing an extension called Vimperator.

Do note that Vimperator is not really that easy to use for people that has never used Vim text editor before because the key bindings are the same from there. After installing Vimperator, it strips all the elements including the address and status bar to make it look like a text editor. To go back, all you need to do is type :set guioptions+=mT and then press the F button on your keyboard which will display numbers on links which can be accessed. Press the number on your keyboard to access the link that corresponds with the number.


You can head on to the official site of Vimperator to check out the available key bindings.

Download Vimperator

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