View Restricted Website by Cloacking as GoogleBot

May 6, 2010 | Filed under Online Service


Google is by far the best search engine ever today. Most people uses them to search for information they are looking for but some people uses technique that allows GoogleBot to crawl and index the page but when a real visitor gets in the page, they are either asked to sign up or register. This can be done by recognizing the header whenever anyone access the page. If the header tells the website that it is a web browser, then the visitor is forwarded to a registration page but if the header reports that it is a Google Bot or Yahoo Bot, then the website grants access.

To bypass the restriction, you will need to somehow fake the headers to tell websites that you are a Google Bot. Instead of hacking the web browser or installing any third party extension, you can easily access a webpage cloacking as Google Bot by using BeTheBot.

All you need to do is visit BeTheBot website, enter the URL that is restricted when you try to access but appears perfectly in Google search and click the Go button. A frame will open below with the webpage pretending that you are a Google Bot. If a restriction has been implemented, then you should be able to see the website content without registering.

Visit BeTheBot

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