Use Google HTTPS SSL for Secure Search

May 24, 2010 | Filed under Google, Privacy


Google search engine is the best in the world because of the complex algorithm of the index bot. Recently Google has SSL search which gives a more secure search. When a website is secured with SSL, the traffic that is sent and received from the website is encrypted and decrypting SSL is nearly impossible as it will take many many years to do crack it.

When you are in your company where your internet connection goes through a proxy server, the network administrator is able to tell what sites you have been and even probably what have you searched for. That includes cybercafe and your internet service provider. The packets that are sent without SSL is a clear traffic and can be easily decoded to view what you are trying to search.

Google Secure SSL HTTPS Search

Using Google SSL to search is easy and all you need to do is use HTTPS instead of HTTP at the URL address. For example, the normal google search engine is and the secured SSL Google search would be Many other Google services such as Gmail, and Adsense can be used with HTTPS SSL as well.

Google SSL Search


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  1. HiThinker says:

    google secure search is useful to Chinese netren.

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