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Mozilla is one of the most powerful web browser because of the massive list of extensions available. The Firefox extension allows you put in more features in Firefox such as a FTP client, a download manager, bulk image downloading, nearly everything you can find. Another popular browser that supports extension is Google Chrome. Most of the time you can find a Chrome extension available for Firefox already but if not, you can install a Firefox extension that allows you to install and use Google Chrome extension in Firefox.

This extension that allows you to install Chrome extension in Firefox is still in experimental and there are limitation and bugs. Moreover it is not as easy to install a Chrome extension with a single click like what you normally do in Chrome. Here is how to install Chrome extension in Firefox installing the extension.

1. Open Google Chrome (chrome extensions page doesn’t allow others browsers to download extension packages).
2. Go to
3. Download an extension package.
4. Extract it (it’s a zip file, maybe you have to rename the crx file to a zip file).
5. Go to your firefox profile folder (something like “C:\Documents and Settings\{username}\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\86tc9fbi.default\” under windows).
6. Go to the folder “extensions\\extensions\”.
7. Create a folder here, name it has the extension key preferably (something like “okngcjknhihjbpiencaanffnfcdlafic” for example).
8. Copy and paste content of previously extracted package into this new folder.
9. That’s it. Just restart Firefox now.

If you click on the “tools” menu, “Google Chrome addons” submenu, You’ll see extensions currently installed (for instance, the readme extension and your new installed extension).

Chrome Extension inside Firefox

Download Google Chrome Extensions Manager

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