Use Different Program to View Source in Internet Explorer

March 18, 2010 | Filed under Internet Explorer


When you visit any website using Internet Explorer, you can easily view the HTML source code of the page by right clicking on the page and select “View Source”. This is a useful feature to discover some of the hidden links in a website and also sometimes to learn how is something being done and coded. However the built-in source viewer in Internet Explorer 8 is horrible with not much features other than the line numbers, Word wrap and increasing or decreasing the text size.

If you prefer to use a text editor that is more powerful such as Notepad++ to be the default source viewer in Internet Explorer, you can customize it. First open Internet Explorer, and then press F12 button on your keyboard. A developer tools window will open. Now click on File at the menubar and select Customize Internet Explorer View Source, then select Other. Browse for the executable file of your alternative text editor that you want to use.

Change Internet Explorer View Source

This option takes effect immediately without restarting Internet Explorer. Try right clicking on any web page now and select View Source. It should open your the text editor which you’ve chosen with the page source. This trick is pretty simple but you won’t find it if you don’t dig deep enough.

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