USB Guardian Defends Against USB Worms and Viruses

March 28, 2010 | Filed under Security, Software


USB flash drives are very useful as it is small, making it very portable and yet the ability to copy and move files are very easy without using any software. Unlike on a disc where you need time and software to burn data to it and erasing also takes time. As useful as it is, virus makers are smart to spread their virus or worm using USB sticks via the autorun.inf method. When an autorun.inf file is made available to the USB flash drive, a user will be most probably get cheated to run the virus whenever he tries to access the USB drive.

USB Guardian is a special software application which is able to protect your computer preventing from being infected by usb virus and worms such as Conficker which has successfully spread to over 9 million computers. Basically what it does is after installation, it sits in system tray monitoring for any insertion of USB flash drives. When a USB stick is connected, USB Guardian will check for any autorun.inf file. If found, it will show the payload file which autorun.inf instructs to run.

Protect computer from usb virus or worm

The good thing is it doesn’t delete or clean up the autorun because some of them are legitimate. What it does is it totally block the file from being access and it will automatically and safely open a new window to let you access the files in the USB. It also has the function of disabling autorun but keeping the CDROM autorun enabled.

Works with all versions of Windows both 32 and 64 bit. Free and takes up only 1MB from the memory when it is running in background.

Download USB Guardian

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