Universal Viewer Supports Opening Many Different File Formats

March 14, 2010 | Filed under Software


With so many file extensions nowadays, it is impossible to have one software to open a single format. So software that are able to support more extensions gains more popularity because one software plays all and you don’t need to install multiple software that makes the computer crowded.

One of such software is called Universal Viewer which is an advanced file viewer with wide range of formats supported. It can open text, binary, hex, unicode, RTF, UTF-8, Image, audio, video, and documents. If you add of them up, Universal Viewer supports opening a whopping of 221 file formats. If you have this software installed, probably you will never ask yourself the question of what software should I use to open this file…

Open any files with Universal Viewer

By default, Universal Viewer does not overwrite all the file types and leave them as it is. You can easily open a file with Universal Viewer by using the right click context menu. Universal Viewer works with all versions of 32-bit Windows.

Universal Viewer is a free software but it has a shareware Navigation Panel add-on which can be called by using F4 key. This addon allows to browse for folders and files in Explorer-like interface. The file you selected in NavPanel, is displayed in the viewer. The file you opened in the viewer, is highlighted in NavPanel too. NavPanel is also used for delete, rename, copy, move, email, run text converters and user tools, and registering Microsoft Office control.

Download Universal Viewer

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