Unable to Update Nokia Device Firmware or Software

April 9, 2010 | Filed under Mobile Phone


We found a bug on the Nokia N82 mobile phone which is when the phone is turned off and an alarm is being set, the alarm works for the first time but when you select snooze, the phone turns off again and the alarm no longer works even after passing 5 minutes. When you manually turn on your mobile phone, the alarm starts by itself even though it is way passed the alarm time. The device software version that has the snooze bug is V 31.0.016 and we read that the version 35 fixes this problem.

As we tried to update the firmware, we are met with a bunch of problems such as when used the Nokia Software Updater, we are getting the error “Sorry, the Nokia Software Updater service is currently unavailable. Please try again later.” Then we tried to use Nokia Ovi Suite 2 to check for software updates via Tools > Software updates. This time we got the error “Network connection error. The software updates server could not be reached. Make sure the internet connection is working and try again. If the problem persists, check your firewall settings or contact your network administrator.”

Sorry, the Nokia Software Updater service is currently unavailable. Please try again later

Our Internet connection works fine and there is no firewall blocking the application. I tried two different Nokia software to check for updates on two different computers. We are now very sure that this is a server side problem and to check further, we traced the HTTP links and found that both Nokia Ovi Suite 2 and Nokia Software Updater downloads a XML file from Nokia’s server which shows a notification data of MaintenanceBreak.

Nokia update fail

Still it doesn’t make any sense because the time of writing is 8 April 2010 but the XML data shows that the maintenance break starts from 2010-03-19 10:00 and ends on 2010-03-19 12:00. We strongly believe that Nokia tech people somehow screwed up their update servers and there is nothing we can do other than wait for them to fix it.


10 Responses to “Unable to Update Nokia Device Firmware or Software”
  1. I’ve the same problem, can you post the http link ?

  2. ARKT says:

    Man I have same problem on nokia 5800 XM what should I do please mail me on abdul_r_007@yahoo.com

  3. Raheel says:

    i have the same problem, Kindly email me the solution if anybody finds it…

  4. Naveed Anjum says:

    I have the problem that my nokia software updater shows “Sorry, nokia software updater service is currently unavailable please try again later” more than 6 months. what I do? plz help me ch_naveed_anjum@yahoo.com

  5. a naam says:

    this problem still exist. 2 nov 2010.
    using ovi suite. software updater no longer available. dont know if the updates will ever b made available…

  6. e.g. says:

    Hello ,
    Do you find a solution to this problem .
    please tell if there is any fix .

    Sorry to comment in an older post …

  7. Nuriko says:

    I also have that same problem too.
    anyone here can send me a message on how to solve this problem?

    here’s my e-mail…. heynuriko@live.com
    thanks. Ü

  8. sar says:

    mine gets stuck @ 76 megs everytime i try to download it, it gives me the same errors. please help

  9. Marcelo says:

    That stills happening :/

  10. Ron Francis says:

    I find it hard to believe that Nokia still hasn’t fixed this Problem.
    From what I have read, it has been an ongoing problem since something like 2008.
    Anyway, I’m still getting the same message too.

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