Turn on Computer Silently with Auto Mute

March 22, 2010 | Filed under Audio, Software


By default Windows will play sound when the computer boots up, shutdown and logoff. This feature is to impress new computer users but for more advanced users, they will usually select a “no sounds” sound scheme so that Windows will not play any of the action sounds at all. It is quite unnecessary unless you want the world to know that you are starting up the computer or getting some error prompts. If you have children that are sleeping and you want to use your computer, you might wake them up because you did not turn off the sound in the first place.

If you are a Windows user that likes to have sound but don’t want the loud and annoying startup and shutdown sound, you can turn them off by going to Sounds in Control Panel and select (none) for the actions that you don’t want to have sound. However this only mutes the Windows sound but there might be some third party software that could be playing its own custom sounds too.

A way to solve this problem is by using Auto Mute, a software to make computer silent on system start, on waking up from suspend mode, or on user logon. Auto Mute is a free and portable tool that sits in background taking up merely 1.3MB and waits for logoff, suspend, shutdown command then it mutes the sound so that the next thing you boot up your computer your computer will not play any sound. You can easily turn on sound or off by using the hotkey Ctrl+F10.

mute computer on startup

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