Troubleshoot File Access Denied in Windows 7 by Taking Ownership

March 31, 2010 | Filed under Windows 7


There are some files when you want to edit, move or delete, you will get the error File Access Denied window with the error message “You need permission to perform this action. You require permission from Trusted Installer to make changes to this file”. You can either click a thousand times of Try Again which you still won’t be able to edit the file or click Cancel and forget about it.

Even if you are the only Administrator with full control and with UAC turned disabled, some of the files in Windows only gives Full Control to TrustedInstaller. You can easily take ownership of the files by right clicking on the folder go to Security tab, then click on Advanced tab, then go to Owner tab and change the owner to the account that you’re currently logged on. This seems to be easy enough when you need to take ownership of a couple of files but if you are an advanced user that are always hacking up Windows 7, then you need an easier solution.

The easier would be to add a Take Ownership command to the right click menu so you can easily take ownership of any file by simply right clicking on the file and select the menu. Saves time and mouse clicks. There are 2 registry files in the zip archive. Add_Take_Ownership.reg file adds the Take Ownership command to the right click context menu and Remove_Take_Ownership.reg removes it. To install, just double click the file and merge it into your registry.

File Access Denied Take Ownership Windows 7

Download Take Ownership Right Click Extension

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