ToolTipFixer Fixes Tray Tooltip Appearing Behind Taskbar in Windows XP

March 1, 2010 | Filed under Windows


Windows XP user that haven’t upgrade to the latest service pack 3 very often will experience that the tooltip on the traybar will appear behind the taskbar. The problem has been there since Windows 95 and Microsoft only decided to fix it in Windows XP service pack 3. However there are still some users with XP SP3 experiencing this problem. As for Vista and 7, you probably won’t even notice about this problem because the tooltip now appears above the taskbar and there is no way that the taskbar will cover it.

tooltip behind taskbar fix

NeoSmart Technologies has came up with a tool that fixes this problem permanently if you install it as service and keep the tool running in background. It takes very little memory, from 0.3 to 1.5 MiB in their extended testing, depending on OS and platform. However if you find that you don’t need an extra tool running all the time to fix this, you can install the program in “standalone mode” so you can only run it to fix the problem when you need it. It is possible to fix this problem by killing the explorer.exe process but this will cause some icons at the traybar to disappear.

The previous version of ToolTipFixer requires .NET framework and this latest version is 100% independent as it don’t need any dependencies at all. You can download the version 2 of ToolTipFixer from this link.

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