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April 16, 2010 | Filed under Network, Software


Many people that brings laptop to work normally faces a problem in switching between network configurations because at home normally you can just set obtain this settings automatically using DHCP and it would work but in corporate networks, they probably require a more strict and specific configuration to allow the network administrator work easier. We have previously covered SwitchNetConfig, a free tool that lets you switch network configurations with a click.

We have discovered another similar application called TCP/IP Manager which does the same. You are able to save up to 10 network profiles which should be more than enough. As for TCP/IP settings, you can get configure which adapter to change and then the IP address, subnet mask, default gateway and DNS server. Once you have your profile saved, you can easily switch by right clicking on the TCP/IP Manager icon at the system tray and select from the list. If you have 5 profiles, it will only show 5 on the list.

TCP IP Manager

The good thing about TCP/IP Manager is when it is running, it takes up very little memory, as low as few hundred K but never more than a MB. This application is free and runs on Windows.

Download TCP/IP Manager

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