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May 3, 2010 | Filed under Software, Windows 7


Unlike Windows Vista, Windows 7 is no longer “One Disc To Rule Them All”, which presents challenges to people who are downloading multiple editions from their MSDN or TechNet subscriptions, and for people who want to backup and archive their ISOs, because instead of just two disc images–one each for 32-bit and
64-bit–there are now eight different images. This creates an unnecessary strain on bandwidth when downloading, wastes space when archiving, and wastes time in general.

Fortunately, the images are all extremely similar, differing only in a handful of bytes, so it is possible to create a binary patch that converts an image of one type into an image of another type. With Windows 7 ISO Image Edition Switcher, we can easily switch between Home Basic, Home Premium, Professional, Starter and Ultimate edition for 32bit of Windows 7 and Home Premium, Professional and Ultimate for 64-bit.

Simply run binpatcher.exe file, select the patch file for the target edition that you want and finally select the ISO disc image that you want to convert. The final patched file should be exactly identical to what you would have gotten had you downloaded the file directly from Microsoft, and you should verify that the hashes for the patched files match those posted on Microsoft’s website. For your convenience, a copy of the official hashes, in the standard sha1sum format, has been included.

Download Windows 7 ISO Image Edition Switcher

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