StreamHarvester is a Free Internet Radio and TV Recorder

April 5, 2010 | Filed under Audio, Software, Video


There are probably thousands if not hundreds of free radio stations and online TVs on the Internet for anyone to listen or watch. Probably there are some stations that you love and would like to record, you can use StreamHarvester to save the online streams.

StreamHarvester works with Shoutcast and Icecast streams. You can record multiple streams simultaneously, also you can relay a stream locally while recording it. So that you can listen to the stream in an external media player like VLC , Windows media player.

StreamHarvester Record Radio and TV

StreamHarvester Features:

* Record multiple streams at a time.
* Relay multiple streams on different ports.
* Each job can be recorded and relayed at the same time.
* Support for playlist formats pls and m3u.
* Support various media formats mp3,ogg,nsv.
* Automatic fallback to next URL in playlist.
* Store stream in a single file or multiple files.
* Works with shout cast and icecast streams.
* Works on Windows and Linux. Should work on Mac (not tested).
* Easy to use interface

StreamHarvester interface is really very straight forward. Just add the playlist link and click the Record button. However the most difficult part that we think is to obtain the link of the online stream as some of them are hidden and the only way to get them is by sniffing the packets and decode them into links.

Download StreamHarvester

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