Stop YouTube from Downloading Video in Background to Save Bandwidth

March 21, 2010 | Filed under Video


YouTube normally streams fast enough to let you watch the video without buffering on a normal broadband. However for some ISP that provides unstable internet connection due to bad routing, the user can click the Pause button and still allow YouTube to continue buffering or downloading the video. When you see that the available video bar is gets further, then you can click the Play button to start watching the video.

If you open mutiple YouTube windows, they are all going to start streaming automatically and will take more time to finish downloading. Since clicking the Pause button won’t stop the streaming, you might think that the only way is not to open the Youtube in the first place.

Fortunately YouTube has recently added a new feature where you can stop the video from downloading. You won’t find the stop feature anywhere in the player controls. The trick is to right click on the video and select “stop download” and the video stops immediately plus it won’t download.

stop youtube video download

This feature allows you to open multiple Youtube windows and stream one by one. Other than that you probably might want to only read the comments for the video without streaming it all the time and waste your bandwidth usage.

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