Stop Your Facebook Account from Showing in Google, Yahoo and Bing Search Engines

April 10, 2010 | Filed under Online Service, Privacy


Facebook is currently the most used social website in the world. If you lost contact with a few good friends you known during high school, chances are they will end up in Facebook and you can get in touch with them from there. However Facebook being the most active social website, search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing tends to crawl and index your facebook profile and your name is now searchable in search engines. Signing up Facebook does have it pros such as getting in touch with old friends but it can be a privacy intrusion.

Imagine this situation, a stalker wants to get to know more about you so they search for your name in Google. Voila they found your Facebook account and surely there are a lot of private information which are protected by default. They can sign up a new Facebook account and try to trick you into accepting them as your friend using social engineering methods.

Fortunately there is a setting in Facebook where it can protect your privacy by stopping your Facebook profile from showing in search engine without deleting your Facebook account. Login to your Facebook account, click on Account and select Privacy Settings. Click on Search and uncheck the Allow button for Public Search Results.


2 Responses to “Stop Your Facebook Account from Showing in Google, Yahoo and Bing Search Engines”
  1. JIM HENRY says:

    please stop facebook stuff from appearing on my yahoo page..thank you

  2. ivy jackson says:

    An FB user has to go to FB, then settings in the account corner, find applications. There is a column that asks; what do you want, to keep or be disconnected from a list. I clicked disconnect from Bing. In three minues I checked and my Profile was gone from my search engine. I’ve seen others complaining and it took two hours to discover this. It’s FB that’s doing this and Bing is innocent. Pass this on.

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