Stop USB Virus Infection By Disabling Autorun

March 3, 2010 | Filed under Security


Windows comes with a feature where it allows autorun if there is an instruction file autorun.inf present in the root of a USB flash drive. The autorun.inf file points to the location of the file so that it prompts you to run it when you plug in your pen drive. As useful as it is, virus makers has found this feature exploitable which is to program the virus to auto create an autorun.inf file and make it run a malware that is on the USB drive. This will help spread their virus even to more computers.

If you do not see anything useful about autorun feature other than danger, you can easily turn off or disable autorun using a simple tool call AutoRun Vaccine from Moosoft. Moosoft is a popular company that develops The Cleaner, which can detect and clean thousands of trojans and malwares.

disable autorun prevent virus spreading

AutoRun Vaccine is a free tool that doesn’t require installation and it works with Windows2K/XP/Vista/7 32 and 64bit. Just run it and clicking the Enable button will totally disable Autorun from function in Windows. If you want to have this feature back just click the Disable button.

Download AutoRun Vaccine from Moosoft

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