Stop Forgetting Sending Attachment in Outlook

March 3, 2010 | Filed under Email, Microsoft Office


If you are dealing with email communication a lot and also involve in sending attachments once in a while, I am sure there are times when you have forgotten to attach the attachment you promised on the email. This can cause delay especially when the recipient is from another part of the world with a complete opposite timezone as you. They will end up asking for the attachment again and had to wait for another day. Good news is if you are using Microsoft Outlook which supports add-in and you can use Forgotten Attachment Detector (FAD) to warn you if you’ve forgot to the attachment.

Like similar projects, FAD uses the presence of certain keywords such as “have attached” and “find attached” to determine if a mail is likely to include an attachment. To improve its accuracy FAD also uses a set of secondary keyword pairs. These are words that have a lower likelihood of indicating a mail is likely to include an attachment except when they appear together. For example: Finding just the word “attached” in a mail isn’t a reliable indicator that a mail is likely to include an attachment. You might just be taking about your “attached garage” (it’s unlikely your actually going to be trying to attach a garage to an email now isn’t it?) However, if the word “attached” appears in the same sentence as say the word “file” (as in “I’ve attached the related file”) then we think there is a pretty good likelihood that the mail should include an attachment.

Never forget attachment anymore with FAD

The current version allows you to customize which keywords FAD uses for detection. To customize the keywords click the “FAD” button on the main Outlook toolbar. The dialog that opens allows you to add, edit, or delete the keywords which will trigger a notification from FAD.

Download Forget Attachment Detector Add-in for Outlook

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