StartupPanel Edits Windows Startup Files, Registry and Services

March 6, 2010 | Filed under Software


Windows has a useful built-in “msconfig” tool which can be used to view startup items and services on your Windows computer. However it is not complete because there are some hidden methods to hide the startup. Not only that, after installing a bunch of software in Windows such as Skype, Yahoo Messenger, Windows Live Messenger, you will notice that they are all automatically added to Windows startup whether you use them or not. Having them running in background slows down the computer because it takes up memory.

Since msconfig is sometimes not good enough to use to manage Windows startup programs, you can give StartupPanel a try. StartupPanel is a free utility program for browse and edit windows startup folder, windows registry startup and windows services.

Startuppanel views startup items in windows

StartupPanel Features:

* Quick and very easy for beginner, advanced and all users
* Full information about windows startup items, windows registry items and windows services items
* Delete startup item
* Save and export items
* Open file location of items
* Create windows registry startup item
* Backup items before delete
* Restore delete items
* See windows services status
* Start or stop windows services
* Get and show dependent services for windows services
* Get and show services depended on other services in windows services

When you run StartupPanel the first time, you see 4 tabs and only 3 of them are important. The Startup Folder allows you to control and manage windows Startup Menu placed in startup folder. The second tab is Windows Registry tab which allows you to control and manage run hives in windows registry. The final tab which is Windows services allows you to control and manage windows services. Before making any changes on the windows registry, this tool will auto make a backup copy in case you need to restore back the changes you made. StartupPanel requires Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 or higher to run and it can run on any version of Windows.

Download StartupPanel

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