Sort and View Newest or Largest Files on Windows Computer

March 17, 2010 | Filed under Software


When a software is installed on a computer, the date created information will be added to the files. That is a useful information for you to see what files are recently being added to your computer with or without your knowledge. In fact this is one of the method to use in detecting when did a virus get in your computer and how did you get it. Windows Search offers the ability to search for date modified but not for creation date. So here is a tool called DriveSort that can help you do that.

DriveSort lets you sort an entire drive or a selected sub-folder by size (largest files) or date (newest files). Sorting by size can be useful when you want to find out which files are taking the maximum space on your hard disk. Sorting by date is as useful like what I have described above.

DriveSort list newest files on drive

There is no configuration or any options on DriveSort. Just browse the drive or path that you want to scan and then select either sort by Size or Date and finally click Go. DriveSort can only list 100 files on the program and nothing more than that. This restriction is hardcoded to ensure fast searching and sorting. Displaying everything on your hard drive will only slow both your computer and the program down.

Download DriveSort

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