Smallest File or Web Server with OneHTTPD

March 29, 2010 | Filed under Software


To have a website running, one would normally needs to install Apache for linux or IIS for Windows. To host files for public people to download from your website, you can either have FTP but HTTP works as well without logging in. Just make sure that they are able to see the directory listings and remove any default index.htm pages.

One of the smallest HTTP server that is created mainly to serve files publicly is OneHTTPD that runs on both Linux and Windows operating system. On windows, OneHTTPD is a portable file that is only 57KB in size and can be ran directly without any dependencies. Because it is coded to be as small as possible, there is no graphical user interface to configure the program.

OneHTTPD Smallest File Server

To share a folder using HTTP, you can either drag a folder that you want to share and drop it to the OneHTTPD executable file or you can specify the directory in the command line. By default OneHTTPD uses port 8080 and you can change it to the universal default port 80 by using the -p switch. There is no authentication support nor any type of security such as SSL encryption. You can however temporarily protect the contents of the file from being displayed by dropping an empty index.html file to the shared folder.

Download OneHTTPD

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