Show Picasa Favorites Marked with Star in Windows Explorer

March 26, 2010 | Filed under Imaging, Software


Picasa is one of the best software to manage and view photos which is now owned by Google. It is fast, contains useful features and also easy to use. Picasa has a feature where you can add stars to your photos to mark them as favorites. This is to enable easy to locate and search for the Starred Photos at the search box. By typing star at the search box, the photos tagged with stars will instant appear on Picasa.

Picasaext is an addon aims to add features to Windows Explorer to better integrate with Picasa. After installing this extension which is in a DLL file and rebooted the computer, you can know what images or photos are tagged as Star from the Windows Explorer without opening Picasa.

Show Picasa Starred Images in Windows Explorer

Basically when an image is marked with a Star, a hidden .picasa.ini will be created on the same folder as the image with the information of which files are marked with star. Picasaext reads this information and automatically embeds a star on the image in Windows Explorer.

Download PicasaExt

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