Show Only Image From Image Hosting Websites such as ImageShack

April 12, 2010 | Filed under Browser, Firefox, Google, Imaging


There are many image hosting websites that allows users to upload images, photos and pictures which allows anyone to view it publicly by sharing the link. However there are a few types of links provided by the image hosting site such as the link, direct link, widget code, forum code, alt forum code, HTML code, forum thumnail, alt forum thumbnail and HTML thumbnail. For a user that don’t know much about computer, most probably they will be sharing the link instead of direct link.

The different between the two links are the link sends the user to the image hosting website with a lot of garbage on the page such as advertisements and etc. As for the direct link, it is a link only to show the image and nothing more.

Firefox will require GreaseMonkey extension together with the userscript and Chrome with just the extension called Show Just Image to remove all the junk from the normal image hosting link and showing only the image. This saves you from having to click another time on the thumbnail to zoom and view the image in full. Show Just Image currently supports 90 image hosting sites including some of the popular ones such ImageShack, Photobucket, flickr, tinypic… There is nothing you need to do, just install and the extension will detect and redirect automatically to the direct image link.

Download Show Just Image Firefox Userscript | Chrome Extension

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