Show Disk, Memory and CPU Usage, Volume and Battery Level in Windows 7 Taskbar

March 10, 2010 | Filed under Software, Windows 7


I am sure that when you first use Windows 7, you’d have notice that it is taller than Windows Vista. That is true because it is 10 pixels higher and this is done to allow larger default icon size. Another new feature is the pinning of icons to the taskbar in Windows which is supposedly to replace the Quick Launch toolbar. For the first time in Windows, it is possible to display system usage of processor, memory, hard drive usage and current charge level of battery.

The programs are very customizable, you can set it to auto start with Windows, set the overlay icon to be displayed, the text and background color, and the update intervals. These meters allows you to easily have an idea how much disk space, or memory usage or volume level that is on your computer without clicking a few times to check them.


The volume level monitor is pretty interesting because other than the normal meter, when you move your mouse cursor over the taskbar, it shows a menu where you can decrease or increase the volume level and even muting it instantly.

Every module is portable and doesn’t require installation. This gives you the flexibility of running only what you need without the whole bulky monitoring suite. SuperbarMonitor is only compatible with Windows 7.

Download SuperbarMonitor

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