Show and Hide Desktop Icons in Windows 7

March 3, 2010 | Filed under Software


Desktop is a convenient area where we put our files, folders and shortcut icons to so we can open it directly without navigating through multiple folders. In every version of Windows since XP, we can easily show and hide the desktop icons by right clicking on the desktop, go to View and either check or uncheck the Show desktop icons. This feature is useful to prevent people from your office knowing what you have on your computer with one quick look.

Show or Hide Quick Desktop Icons in Windows 7

If you think hiding your desktop icon is not fast enough using this method because you need to first go to your desktop, revealing what is in your desktop then only right click from there to hide it. Here is a simple and small application that can show and hide your desktop icon with a single click. You can either pin it to taskbar, start menu, or even make a shortcut with a hotkey to launch it.

The first time you run the application will hide the icons on your desktop in an instant. Running it again will show your desktop icon again. Easy to protect your desktop icons privacy and it’s free. This tool works on Windows 7 as well as other Windows such as Vista and XP.

Download HideDesktopIcons Here


One Response to “Show and Hide Desktop Icons in Windows 7”
  1. Alex says:

    Ive been looking at making an application to do this myself but mine involves restarting explorer etc. Can you send me to source code for that application so I can learn how it works?


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