SecondShell Enhances Windows Shell with Extra Keyboard and Mouse Shortcut

March 27, 2010 | Filed under Software, Windows


Working with Windows Shell is supposedly as good as it is already but it can still be improved further. Some of the default actions in Windows to manage an explorer is to move window, click the titlebar and drag, resize by moving the cursor to the corner of the window, minimize window by clicking the minimize icon at the top right of the window, close window by clicking the X button or Alt+F4, maximize window by double clicking the title bar or click the maximize icon at the top right.

With SecondShell, it adds enhancement to the management of windows. SecondShell is very small and 2.5MB of memory usage so it won’t slow down the computer and continue giving extra features. The enhancement includes:

1. Maximize Window Horizontally: Ctrl+Alt+LeftArrow / RightArrow
2. Maximize Window Vertically: Ctrl+Alt+UpArrow / DownArrow
3. Move Window: Alt+Mouse Left Click and Drag
4. Resize Window: Alt+Mouse Right Click and Drag
5. Minimize Window: Right click the titlebar
6. Close Window: Middle click the titlebar or Move the mouse cursor to titlebar and press CapsLock
7. Enable/Disable SecondShell: Ctrl+CapsLock or Double click on the tray icon
8. Auto Launch Applications: 10 hotkeys which can be preset in the configuration file

Enhance Windows with SecondShell

Some of the features might be useful and some not and the ones that you do not use can be removed at the secondshell.ini file. SecondShell is portable and doesn’t require installation. Just run the executable and it will start enhancing your Windows Shell.

Download SecondShell


One Response to “SecondShell Enhances Windows Shell with Extra Keyboard and Mouse Shortcut”
  1. szekelya says:


    I have just released the 2.0.1 version of SecondShell, videos available about the new features on

    The link at the end of this post points to the old version, please download from the product webpage.

    Thanks for the great review BTW.

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