Search Google Directly from Firefox Address Bar with CyberSearch

March 18, 2010 | Filed under Firefox


Firefox 3 already comes with an AwesomeBar which is actually the address bar where you can type a keyword and it searches through your history and bookmarks to return everything that matches that keyword. Some people love this feature because we no longer need to type the domain name but some people hated it because it can get very slow when there are a lot of history. Fortunately this AwesomeBar feature can be easily turned off by going to about:config and set 0 for browser.urlbar.maxRichResults.

Other than AwesomeBar, by installing a 70KB extension called CyberSearch, we can directly perform various types of Google or Bing searches right from the address bar in Firefox 3. As you’re typing the extension will send your query to the search engine, grab the results, and then display them along side the history results that Firefox normally shows.

Other than that, you can enable enable Keywords searches such as by adding a short keyword before the word that you want to search. For example you want to search for the title “The book of Eli” in IMDB. You can just type “imdb the book of eli” at the address bar and it shows you the direct link to IMDB. You can add your own keywords to suit you better.

Search Google from Firefox Address Bar

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