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March 14, 2010 | Filed under Internet, Online Service


Found an image on the Internet but somehow something is missing from it and you want to search for a similar image? What about catching people using your copyrighted images without your permission? Searching for images is not as easy as search for a word or phrase because images doesn’t contain words and it depends on the complex algorithm that an image search engine would have to develop in order to find for images.

Hitachi has created a free online web service called GazoPa that allows anyone to search for similar images on the Internet. Users can search images from the web based on user’s own photo, drawings, images found on the web and keywords. GazoPa enables users to search for a similar image from characteristics such as a color or a shape extracted from an image itself. There are abundant quantities of images on the web, however many of these simply cannot be described by keywords. Since GazoPa uses image features to search other similar images, a vast range of images can be retrieved from the web. GazoPa is a new visual search service that can navigate users to new territories on the web.

search similar images with gazopa

There are many methods to search for similar images. You can either upload the image from your computer, paste the image URL, draw a picture and enter keyword to the search field. Do note that the images that you uploaded are not added to the search index for privacy reasons. You can even easily search for similar images by right clicking on an image you see using GazoPa plugin for Firefox. GazoPa is made to search for similar images but not the exact same ones. We have tried uploading a sample image taken from Windows XP by default in Sample Pictures folders “Water lilies.jpg” and GazoPa found 1000 of them with the same measurement.

Search Similar Images with GazoPa

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