Scan and Detect Hidden DLL Injected into Trusted Applications with SpyDLL Remover

March 9, 2010 | Filed under Security


Malwares are getting tougher to detect and remove because the programmers have found intelligent ways to hide the process from being detected by ordinary task managers. Some malwares even uses DLL injection which the payload can be launched with a legitimate process. If carefully programmed, the computer acts normally without any slow down and there is no way for a user to suspect that the computer is infected by a malware.

However for experienced users, they are used to manually checking for hidden process from time to time to make sure that it is cleaned from hidden malwares such as rootkits. SpyDLL Remover is such a tool that can be used to efficiently discovers hidden Rootkit processes as well as suspicious or injected DLLs within all running processes in the system.

SpyDLL Remover is not an easy to use tool where any person can use it to detect and clean spywares from the computer. It requires the user to have a little knowledge and also a good understanding of how a computer works.

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There are many rootkit scanners and what makes SpyDLL Remover special is its capability to free the DLL from remote process using advanced DLL injection method which can defeat any existing Rootkit tricks. It also uses sophisticated low level anti-rootkit techniques to uncover hidden userland Rootkit processes as well as to terminate them. If you are unsure of the DLL that is found to be suspicious by SpyDLL Remover, you can click on the Check Online button which will look for more information at Process Library.

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