Saving Opened Tabs in Chrome with Session Buddy

April 6, 2010 | Filed under Browser, Google


When you have multiple tabs opened in Firefox and you try to close Firefox, you will be prompted if you want Firefox to save your tabs for the next time it starts. This is called session saving and is very useful that for some reason you need to reboot your computer and don’t need to open the links one by one again. Google Chrome seems to be lacking of a session manager feature. You can try opening a few tabs in Chrome and then close the window. When you restart Chrome, the tabs will not be restored.

To have a session saving feature that saves the opened tabs and windows in Chrome, you can try installing Session Buddy extension. This extension allows you to save the current sessions with 2 clicks and it is able to restore sessions into a set of windows, a single window or the current window. You can save as many sessions as you want and you can restore them back at any time as long as you do not remove them.

After installing Session Buddy extension, a new icon will appear at the end of the address bar. Clicking on it will open the Session Buddy window for you to save your current session. At the left pane will display your saved sessions and you can restore it by clicking on it and then click the Restore button.

Google Chrome Saved Sessions

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