Run Once a Day During Windows Starts or User Login

March 24, 2010 | Filed under Software


Windows has a Task Scheduler where you can schedule program or task to run at a defined date and time but it lacks of one feature which is to set it to run only once a day. Windows also has startup folder where you can put shortcuts or batch file to run when Windows is booted up but that will cause the program to run every time when the computer startup.

What if you only wanted to run a task or program only once a day and when computer is started up? Karen’s Once-A-Day II provides a simple tool that lets you specify programs, web pages and files. Each will be run or opened automatically, the first time Windows starts each day, or the first time a particular user logs on each day. Start Windows, or log on, more than once in any given day and the programs, pages, and files will not be re-opened!

Run Once a Day Program

This is a very old tool but it still works perfectly on all versions of Windows. After installation, run it and you will be presented with 3 tabs, welcome, computer and user. The computer tab is to define what to run once a day when the computer is started up regardless of which user is logged on. As for user tab, the program will only run once a day when the specific user logs in.

Download Karen’s Once-A-Day II

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