Run Internet Explorer Inside Firefox with IE Tab 2

March 12, 2010 | Filed under Browser, Firefox, Internet Explorer


There is a reason why Internet Explorer is installed in Windows by default. In Windows XP, you need to use Internet Explorer to visit Windows Updates to scan and download the hotfixes for your computer. Some online banking websites also lets you login only with Internet Explorer. Probably some lazy web designers didn’t want to crack their heads on cross-browser compatibility, hence the only support for IE browser. Other IE features includes browse local files using Windows Explorer view, use Outlook Web Access and Sharepoint features.

Launching two browsers may take up more space on your taskbar and also inconvenience. However IE Tab 2 makes it all easy by running Internet Explorer inside Firefox. When you open a webpage that requires IE, all you need to do is click on the small Firefox icon at the bottom right of the Firefox browser. You will see that the icon changes to Internet Explorer icon which means it is now loading the webpage using IE but inside Firefox.

It is also possible to define a site filter list where IE will be used to open those websites without clicking on the icon at the bottom right or right click on the page and select View Page in IE Tab. This plugin is still in experimental state but works like a charm when we’ve tested it. There is also an IE Tab extensions for Google Chrome.

Download IE Tab 2

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