RT Seven Lite is nLite or vLite for Windows 7

March 8, 2010 | Filed under Software, Windows 7


nLite is a very useful tool to customize a Windows XP installation CD to your liking such as integrating it with the latest service pack, latest windows update packages, configurations, Product Key, stripping off unneeded features and making it unattended. vLite is the same but it was created for making an unattended installation DVD for Windows Vista. When comes to Windows 7, both nLite and vLite are not supported and even the shareware Almeza MultiSet doesn’t support Windows 7 either.

After a long wait, finally we have a Windows 7 configuration tool called RT Seven Lite which can be used to integrate windows updates like security updates, hotfixes, drivers, language packs and 3rd party applications. You can remove all unwanted components from windows like default drivers, services, language packs, windows applications and other features. It is also possible to disable or adjust system services, registry tweaks, change power configuration, set control panel view and other component tweaks.

create Windows 7 unattended

The best part it can also be used to create unattended installation (Integrate product key, change UI language, Time zone, Skip automatic activation, Currency, Add OEM information’s, Change network type, change Update type, Enable or disable upgrade option, Enable or disable Windows live, Skip EULA agreement, skip OOBE user creation, Enable or disable firewall, Change Display screen resolution, Disable Windows defender, etc.) so that we can just boot up the disc and the whole installation process is fully automated.

When you are done customizing, RT Seven Lite can create bootable ISO image, burn image, split image, export images, give CD-label, etc. The RT Seven Lite installer is very big at 190MB and you will also need to download Windows Automated Installation Kit (AIK) for windows 7 that is nearly in 2GB. Other than that, .NET Framework 3.5 and Adobe Flash Player ActiveX is also required to run RT Seven Lite.

Download RT Seven Lite

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