Rotate Images on WebPages inside Firefox Browser

March 30, 2010 | Filed under Firefox, Imaging


There are tons of images that is on the Internet and some there will be some people that doesn’t know how to publish the image correctly, making you had to tilt your head just to see the image properly. One way to view it properly is to download and save the image to your hard drive locally, and then use any image editing software such as Windows Paint to rotate the image.

Another simpler way is to use a Firefox addon called Rotate Image which allows you to rotate the images directly from the web page without saving it to your computer. The rotated image will smartly move the text so that the images doesn’t cover up the text. After installing the Rotate Image extension, restart Firefox browser as usual, and you will have 2 new options when you right click at an image. You get to rate the image in clock wise or counter clock wise.

Rotate Image in Firefox

The rotate image preferences window allows you to change the percentage of angle degrees and also the restriction of only allow to resize if image is larger than the defined width and height. There are some incompatibility between this extension with other extension namely “Image Zoom” and “Save Image in Folder”.

Download Rotate Image

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