Restore Firefox Right Click Property Context Menu Item

March 18, 2010 | Filed under Firefox


Older versions of Firefox has a very useful feature where you can right click on a link or image and select Property. Right clicking on an image and selecting Property will show the location, type , image dimensions, size of file, alternative text and text language. If you do the same on a hyperlink, it shows the full address of the URL and whether it will open the link in the same window or a new window.

Not sure why Firefox developers has decided to remove the Properties from Firefox 3.6 but fortunately it is possible to easily restore it back. All you need to do is install the Element Properties addon and you get your right click Properties menu back. The person who created this extension said that he hack this up right from the Firefox source code so it should work exactly the same as the older version of Firefox property window.

Firefox Right Click Properties Menu

For some weird reasons we are getting the error “Missing argument: addon_id” when visiting the addon page. The download link for Element Properties is a direct link to download the addon so you won’t probably encounter the problem we did.

Download Element Properties


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  1. Seven says:

    It’s work,Thank you

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