Resize any Window with Fixed Dialog Boxes

March 17, 2010 | Filed under Software, Windows


Even if you have a big monitor screen but using a graphics card that doesn’t allow you to set a very high resolution, you will end up everything looking very big. It is annoying because all the window dialog boxes seems so big and taking up all the spaces on your desktop. It would be even worse if the program or dialog boxes doesn’t allow you to resize and it has its own fixed size.

Fortunately with ResizeEnable, it is a very useful hack that sits in your system tray and attempts to make windows that can’t usually be resized, resizable. This clever application sits in the background and attaches itself via three hooks.

The first hook is so that it can see which windows are created or destroyed, in which it attempts to alter the window’s style so that it can be resized. The second hook intercepts all messages for every single window to see if it is a message associated with resizing a window that it has previously altered the style of. If the message is associated with sizing, it then resizes all the child windows (Buttons, Edit boxes and so on) simply by scaling them to fit the new windows size. Its ugly, but most of the time it works ok. The third hook spots whether the mouse has been pressed in the ‘sizing area’ of a window and takes care of doing all the work of resizing the window. This hook didn’t exist in v1.0 but has been added to make even more windows resize properly.

ResizeEnable is easy to use. Simply run it and you should see the ResizeEnable icon appear at the system tray. Now all you need to do is find any window that could never resize and move the cursor over the edge of the window. Hopefully the pointer will change to one that shows you can resize the window. This is a very old utility that was last updated on year 2003 but it worked perfectly on Windows 7 when we tested it.

One example you can try it yourself is the Screen Saver dialog box. Right click at desktop, select Personalize and then click on Screen Saver. This screen saver settings window is a fixed window and cannot be resized. But when ResizeEnable is active, this window can be magically resized and if you make the window bigger, you will notice that all the buttons starts to stretch as well!

Resize fixed window dialog boxes

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