Replace a Font with Another Font in Firefox Using Font Replacer

March 3, 2010 | Filed under Firefox


Creating a website is fun for people that has never done it before especially using WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) webpage editor such as Microsoft FrontPage. You get to select all kinds of fonts to use that is on your computer and there are probably hundreds of them. For a website creator professional, the main rule is to use a font that goes easy with the eyes so that the reader is able to read on the texts without problems. However for new website designers, they prefer something flashy and weird to think that it stands out but this creates a problem because it’s hard to read!

There’s two ways to solve this issue which is either by copying all the text to your Wordpad or Microsoft Word and change the text to what you prefer and start reading, or if you are using Mozilla Firefox, you can install a useful plugin called Font Replacer that replaces the font with another font. For example, you can replace Comic Sans MS with Times News Roman so that whenever you are visiting a website that uses Comic Sans MS font, it will show the text in Times News Roman.

To replace font using this add-on, go to Tools > Add-Ons and click on the Options button for the Font Replaced plugin. A window with two columns will appear. The right column is the font that you want to replace for the font that is on the left.

Replace Font in Firefox

Install Font Replacer Plugin for Firefox

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