Remove Useless Right Click New Menu Entries with ShellNewHandler

March 18, 2010 | Filed under Software


One method to quickly open the program that you want is by right clicking on the Desktop or folder, click the New from the context menu and then select the file that you want to create. Then double click on the new file created and the program will launch. One real example is if you want to create a text file quickly, you would waste time in clicking the Start Menu, go to Accessories and search through a long list. The easier way is just right click, go to New and select Text Document. A New Text Document.txt file will appear and just double click will allow you to start editing the text file.

When you have installed many software on your computer, you might have noticed that the list of new files that can be created from the New menu during right click increases. Sometimes it can get very long and even uninstalling the software doesn’t clean it up leaving you with a lot of useless New file creation which you probably will never use again.

ShellNewHandler is able to easily help you enable or disable the New context menu items in Right click. Nothing much needs to be done as the program is portable. The only thing you need to do is remove the checkbox if you don’t want the item to be included in the right click New menu. Changes takes effect immediately without rebooting. A nifty tool to keep your right click New menu clean and tidy. Compatible with Vista and Windows 7.

Edit Right Click New Menu

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