Remove The Annoying Shortcut Word When Create Shortcut in Windows 7

February 28, 2010 | Filed under Windows 7


In Windows XP, when you create a shortcut, it adds the text “Shortcut to” infront of the filename but in Vista and Windows 7, it adds the “- Shortcut” at the back of the filename. For example, in Windows XP when you right click on a file zhacks.exe and select Create Shortcut, you will get a new icon with a small arrow to it and the name of the file becomes “Shortcut to zhacks.lnk”. If compare the same scenario in Vista or 7, right clicking on the file and select Create Shortcut will give you a new file by the name “zhacks – Shortcut.lnk”.

If you do not like the – Shortcut suffix added to the end of the original finemae and would just prefer the exact same name of the original filename, here is a hidden registry setting which you can change that.

1. Run regedit from the Run Window. You can hit WIN+R to bring it up and type regedit and hit enter.
2. Navigate to the following registry key.
3. Look for the name “link” at the right pane and double click on it to bring up the Edit Binary Value window.
4. In Windows XP, the default value for link is 17 00 00 00 and Vista is 1d 00 00 00 00. Change it to 00 00 00 00.
5. Reboot your computer to take effect.

This is how easy it is to remove the Windows 7 shortcut lab whenever you create a shortcut. Do note that this trick also works for XP and it will remove the “Shortcut to” label infront of the original file or folder name.

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