Remove or Disable Delete Browsing History Button in Internet Explorer 8 at Windows 7

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Internet Explorer comes with a useful feature where it remembers the website that you visited so you can always go back to the website again if you’ve forgotten the full link. Although every person’s privacy must be respected but without a doubt that this feature is also useful for monitoring what websites that your kids has visited. For smarter and more adventurous kids that loves to click around and checking out all the settings, they are able to find out that there is an option to easily delete all the history URLs that he has visited.

Fortunately there is a way to disable the Delete button that removes the browsing history found on the IE8 Internet Options.

1. Click on the Start button and type gpedit.msc at the search programs and files box
2. Click on the gpedit.msc when it appears on the list.
3. On the left pane, expand User Configurations, Administrative Templates, Windows Components and Internet Explorer.
4. In Internet Explorer, you will see a folder Delete Browsing History. Expand that.
5. Look for “Turn off Delete Browsing History functionality” and double click on it.
6. By default Not Configured is being selected and you will need to switch it to Enabled. Click the OK button when done.

Now when anyone goes to Tools, Internet Options in IE8, they will see the Delete button being disabled or grayed out and they can’t click on it.

Disable Delete Browsing History Internet Explorer 8


One Response to “Remove or Disable Delete Browsing History Button in Internet Explorer 8 at Windows 7”
  1. KAL says:

    i am trying to disable the delete history but i type in gpedit.msc but it doesnt work. say it cant find it. Help

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